I can truly admit, i know nothing. nothing is fact. everything is constantly changing.



Edgy Proletariat:

That’s a very bold, broad, and obnoxious statement. Nothing has changed since the Romans as far as society. It has always been this way, it will always be this way, and there are always just enough thinkers to keep us above annihilation. If your nihilism is really so all-encompassing, why are you the sole exception from it? And if you are not, then you are, by your own logic, not able to think for yourself or formulate your own opinions, and therefore should not judge others for this shortcoming. Not that this thought of yours is very original in the first place. It is, in actuality, neither original nor well formulated, and it is certainly not helpful. Go read some Catullus, some Samuel Beckett, a little Hemingway, and if that doesn’t help, chug some red wine and kill yourself you miserable shit. Stop weighing the world down.

I do agree what i said was a bit hast at the time, but i do not retaract what i said. Although it seems like just a relfection of my anger at the time, all of what i have said is truth. WE as a society are nowhere near who the romans were. We disregard knowledge and worship beauty. We no longer think of brilliance as a great trait but look as being “pretty” as a far greater quality. And as for the opinions matter. No one i know now a days. Clearly makes decisions for themselves. No one is really in touch with themselves anymore. Everyone just follows the crowd or what everyone else is doing. It seems as if everyone is a mindless zombie. Unlike, you who has somehow managed to break away from every other shithead and think for yourself. But, just to tell me what? to kill myself? You have your opinion and I have mine. And for you to tell me my opinion is wrong and to tell me to kill myself for it is completly idiotic of you. Good day.

Yes, because Augustus ordering “offenders of modesty” executed is far better than what we have now. Sure, there are a lot of stupid people, but I for one think that we should try and focus on the progress we’ve made and the people trying to further that progress, not spread worthless negativity. 

I agree, i was just in a super pissed mood. Plus, the combination of being around what i think may be the stupidest people I have ever will meet wasn’t helping.

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